If you're interested in becoming an entrepreneur, check out these 5 must-see documentaries about other entrepreneurs from all over the world who aim to transform the lives of others with their innovations.

Watch Generation Start Up Streaming Online | iwonder
Generation Startup takes us to the front lines of entrepreneurship in America, capturing the struggles and triumphs of six recent college graduates who put everything on the line to build startups in Detroit.

Directed by Academy Award winner Cynthia Wade and award-winning filmmaker Cheryl Miller Houser, Generation Startup takes us to the front lines of entrepreneurship in America. The film captures the journey of six recent college graduates who put everything on the line to build startups in Detroit, offering an honest, in-the-trenches look at what it takes to launch a startup.

Watch Vietnam’s Tech Rush Streaming Online | iwonder
From Communism to a thriving hub for tech startups – Vietnam’s young entrepreneurs are transforming the country into Southeast Asia’s Silicon Valley.

In Vietnam, the tech startup scene is booming with young, tech-savvy Vietnamese entrepreneurs who dare take the leap and join the digital marketplace, and international investors are taking note. Vietnam’s Tech Rush introduces us to these entrepreneurs transforming their country into Southeast Asia’s Silicon Valley, one great idea at a time.

Watch Founders’ Valley Streaming Online | iwonder
In Season 1, Follows Fridtjof Detzner– the founder of successful German startup Jimdo – on a journey through Asia. Looking for visionary ideas, Fridtjof meets with startup founders, organizations and activists working on innovative and inspiring solutions. In season two of Founders’ Valley, female …

Over two seasons of Founders’ Valley, the hosts travel across Asia meeting local entrepreneurs and founders who share their goals and visions for the future, trying to address problems such as India’s pollution crisis, Indonesia’s heavy reliance on food importation, Bali’s shortage of clean water, South Korea’s high-pressure education system that causes soaring suicide rates, and more.

Watch Revenge of the Electric Car Streaming Online | iwonder
Go behind closed doors at Tesla, Nissan, GM for electric car alternatives

Revenge of the Electric Car takes a peek behind the closed doors of Nissan, GM, the Silicon Valley start-up Tesla Motors, and an independent car converter named Greg "Gadget" Abbott, chronicling the story behind the global resurgence of electric cars, and the race to be the first, the best, and the winner of public support around the world.

Watch Slingshot Streaming Online | iwonder
A quirky genius with a sharp wit and a provocative worldview, Dean Kamen is our era’s Thomas Edison. Best known for inventing the Segway, Kamen has reconceived kidney dialysis, engineered an electric wheelchair that can travel up stairs, built portable insulin pumps, and so on, and so forth. With hi…

In Slingshot we follow Dean Kamen, an American engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur who intertwines his passion for technology and expertise in engineering to create numerous inventions. One of his most well-known inventions is the Segway, but he has also engineered an electric wheelchair that can climb stairs, and the “SlingShot”, an energy-efficient water purification device that can turn “anything that looks wet” into pure water.

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