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All the Wild Horses: A Gripping Journey Across the Mongolian Steppe

"All the Wild Horses" is a riveting journey through the world's toughest horse race, offering a unique exploration of human resilience and the bond between man and horse.

Keywords: Mongol Derby, Horse Race, Adventure, Culture, Endurance, Mongolia, Resilience


"All the Wild Horses," directed by Ivo Marloh and released in 2017, offers a thrilling glimpse into the world's longest and most perilous horse race - the Mongol Derby. This documentary provides a remarkable exploration of the convergence of man, beast, and nature, and its relevance in today's increasingly disconnected world is undeniable.


"All the Wild Horses" follows international competitors as they navigate the grueling Mongol Derby horse race across 650 miles of Mongolian steppe, desert, and mountain ranges. This race is not just a physical challenge, but also a mental and emotional journey, pushing participants to their limits.

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Marloh employs an observational approach, placing the viewer in the midst of the action. The film presents a well-researched exploration of the race's history, the riders' preparation, and the incredible endurance of the Mongolian horses. Marloh’s presentation style is raw and unfiltered, contributing to the film's gripping appeal.

Historical and Factual Context:

The Mongol Derby is a recreation of the horse messenger system developed by Genghis Khan in 1224. The race is a testament to the Mongolian horse's endurance and the ancient Mongolian tradition of horse riding.

Key themes in the film:

  • The bond between humans and animals
  • The beauty and harshness of nature
  • Overcoming personal and physical challenges.

Film Comparisons:

Compared to other adventure documentaries on iWonder, "All the Wild Horses" offers a unique perspective on the relationship between man and nature, focusing on a lesser-known cultural phenomenon.

Noteworthy Moments:

The film's most enlightening moments include the interactions between the riders and the local nomadic tribes, the breathtaking landscapes, and the riders' emotional reactions when crossing the finish line.


"All the Wild Horses" received a positive reception, with an IMDB score of 6.7 and numerous accolades, including 19 wins and 4 nominations.


"All the Wild Horses" is a compelling exploration of human resilience, tradition, and the enduring bond between man and horse. It is highly recommended for viewers interested in adventure, culture, and sports documentaries.

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IMDB: 6.7
Awards: 19 wins & 4 nominations: Impact Docs Awards, Sun Valley Film Festival, Spotlight Documentary Film Awards, IndieFEST Film Awards, Phoenix Film Festival, Accolade Competition

Ivo Marloh, Director: An experienced filmmaker with a passion for adventure.
Competitors: A diverse group of international riders, each with a unique backstory.

Steppe,Mongolia: The vast, rugged landscapes of Mongolia serve as the documentary's stunning backdrop.

Links for further exploration

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Key Questions Raised by the Film:

How does the Mongol Derby reflect the tradition and culture of Mongolia?

What does it take to participate in such a challenging race?

I wonder what the film would be in another art form:

Book: "The Call of the Wild" due to its exploration of survival and the bond between man and animal.

Song: "Eye of the Tiger" for its theme of endurance and overcoming challenges.

Art: "The Horse Fair" by Rosa Bonheur, capturing the raw power and beauty of horses.

Celebrity: Bear Grylls for his adventurous spirit and resilience.

Colour: Dusty brown, reflecting the rugged Mongolian landscapes.

Music Style: Symphony, representing the film's epic scale and emotional depth.