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An Examination of Civil Liberties in 'Imminent Threat'

"Imminent Threat" is a compelling documentary exploring the War on Terror's impact on civil liberties, presenting a unique alliance between the libertarian right and the progressive left.

Keywords: War on Terror, civil liberties, government overreach, political ideologies, national security, unity.


"Imminent Threat," directed by Janek Ambros and released in 2014, is a thought-provoking documentary that delves into the impact of the War on Terror on civil liberties. In today's world, where issues of national security and individual rights are increasingly intertwined, this documentary offers timely insights.


Narrated by Academy Award nominee James Cromwell, "Imminent Threat" paints an alarming picture of the erosion of civil liberties in the name of national security. The documentary presents a unique union between the libertarian right and progressive left, brought together by shared concerns over government overreach.

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The documentary adopts an investigative approach, backed by extensive research and in-depth exploration of the subject matter. The presentation style is straightforward, using personal stories, expert interviews, and historical context to drive home the urgency of its theme.

Historical and Factual Context:

The documentary is steeped in the post-9/11 climate, a time characterized by heightened national security measures that often compromised individual rights.

Key themes of the film:

  • The balance between national security and individual rights
  • The danger of government overreach in the name of security
  • The unity of disparate political ideologies around civil liberties

Film Comparisons:

Unlike other documentaries on iWonder, "Imminent Threat" focuses not just on the actions of the government but also on the surprising alliances formed in response.

Noteworthy Moments:

The interviews with victims of government overreach and the revealing discussions with political thinkers on both sides of the aisle are particularly impactful.


Audiences have praised the documentary for its comprehensive exploration of a complex issue. Critics have commended its ability to provoke thought and discussion.


"Imminent Threat" is a documentary that not only educates but also challenges viewers to reflect on the state of their civil liberties. It is a must-watch for those interested in politics, civil rights, and national security.

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Academy Award nominee James Cromwell presents a documentary on the War on Terror’s impact on civil liberties and the union it’s creating between the libertarian right and progressive left.

More film information:

IMDB: 6.3
Awards: 3 win & 5 nominations: Memphis International Film Festival, Garden State Film Festival, Downtown Film Festival LA

James Cromwell (Narrator) - Academy Award nominee
Janek Ambros (Director) - Known for his investigative documentaries

USA - Various locations

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Key Questions Raised by the Film:

How does the War on Terror impact individual rights?

What is the role of government in balancing national security and civil liberties?

I wonder what the film would be in another art form :

"1984" by George Orwell - if it was a famous book, for its exploration of government overreach.

"Blowin' in the Wind" by Bob Dylan - if it was a famous song, for its protest against injustice.

Picasso's "Guernica" - if it was a famous piece of art, for its depiction of the horrors of war.

Edward Snowden - if it was a famous celebrity, for his role in exposing government surveillance.

Grey - if it was a colour, for its portrayal of the murky intersection of security and liberty.

Folk music - if it was a music style, for its tradition of storytelling and protest.