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Sydney Film Festival Selections

Dive into our handpicked collection of Sydney Film Festival documentaries today!
For the first time in its 67-year history, the Sydney Film Festival is going digital! This year’s lineup will be online from 10th June, but you can kick off your own festival experience right away with our SFF retrospective collection featuring some of the best documentaries screened at the festival in recent years.  Browse through the full collection at, or get started with some of our favourites below.

Tyke Elephant Outlaw tells the story of an elephant captured from the wild in Mozambique as a baby and shipped to the USA and trained to become a circus elephant. Tyke eventually made a break to regain her freedom, going on a rampage that killed her trainer, crushed multiple people, and ended in her dying in a hail of gunfire on the streets of Honolulu. This gripping and emotional film explores how that incident sparked a global battle over the use of animals in the entertainment industry.
The Kleptocrats is a must-watch documentary that chronicles the world’s biggest white-collar heist, where a hot-shot financier embezzles US$3.5 billion from Malaysia’s wealth fund 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad) and funnels the money into New York and Hollywood, where the thieves court A-list celebrities and even finance Leonardo DiCaprio’s passion project “The Wolf of Wall Street”. As the investigative journalists begin to trace the money trail and unravel the scheme, the US Department of Justice gets involved and the Prime Minister and his inner circle are implicated, revealing government corruption at the highest level and extreme abuse of power.
China Love explores today’s billion-dollar wedding industry, where couples take part in wedding photoshoots that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, playing out their fantasies in images that have become important national symbols for freedom, social status, and the new Chinese Dream.
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