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Drowning in Plastic, India - A Journey into Sustainability

Explore India's plastic waste crisis and discover how innovative entrepreneurs are tackling the issue in "Founders' Valley: Drowning in Plastic" in India

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"Founders' Valley: Drowning in Plastic, India" is a compelling documentary released in 2018. The film follows German entrepreneur Fridtjof Detzner as he embarks on a journey to India, a country grappling with severe plastic waste pollution. The documentary does not have a specific director but is part of the Founders' Valley series.


The film chronicles Fridtjof Detzner's journey as he meets with innovative founders who are keen on addressing India's pollution crisis. Their collective vision is to combat the plastic waste problem and create a cleaner, more sustainable India.

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The documentary offers a unique blend of investigative journalism and entrepreneurial insight. It delves deep into India's pollution crisis and the innovative solutions proposed by visionaries looking to make a difference. The depth of research and exploration of the subject matter is commendable.

Historical and Factual Context

India has been grappling with the problem of plastic waste for years. With a population of over a billion people, plastic usage is high, and waste management systems are not always effective. This documentary puts into perspective the scale and urgency of the issue.

Key themes in the film

  • Environmental conservation.
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Societal responsibility towards waste management.

Film Comparisons

"Founders' Valley: Drowning in Plastic, India" can be compared to documentaries like "Plastic China" and "A Plastic Ocean". However, this film distinguishes itself with its focus on entrepreneurial solutions to the pollution problem.

Noteworthy Moments

A significant moment is when Detzner meets with founders who are using innovative methods to tackle plastic waste, demonstrating the transformative power of entrepreneurship.


The documentary has been well received for its insightful exploration of India's pollution crisis. Critics praise it for shedding light on the issue and highlighting the role of entrepreneurship in combating environmental challenges.


"Founders' Valley: Drowning in Plastic, India" is a must-watch for anyone interested in environmental conservation, sustainability, and innovative solutions to global problems. It serves as a stark reminder of the power of entrepreneurial action in addressing societal challenges.

More film information:


  • Genre: Documentary



  • Fridtjof Detzner: German entrepreneur and host of the documentary



  • India: Various locations across the country struggling with plastic waste

Key Questions Raised by the Film:

  • What is the extent of the plastic waste problem in India?
  • How are entrepreneurs tackling this issue?
  • What role can each individual play in addressing this crisis?

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