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Exploring Modern Romance in 'Love Me' in Ukraine and USA

"Love Me", an insightful documentary exploring the mail-order bride industry, humanizes the controversial topic by focusing on the personal experiences of those involved.

Keywords: Mail-order Bride Industry, International Romance, Western Men, Ukrainian Women, Love, Documentary. Three words: Insightful, Touching, Revealing


"Love Me", a compelling documentary directed by Jonathon Narducci, was released in 2015. The film dives into the modern 'mail-order bride' industry, following the lives of Western men and Ukrainian women as they navigate the often unpredictable and challenging journey in search of love.


"Love Me" provides a sincere and unflinching look at the international romance business, challenging the common perception of it as a scam. The film follows a diverse group of characters, each with their personal experiences and perspectives, to expose the myths and realities of this unique industry. Even more, it focuses on the human story often overlooked in such narratives – the extreme lengths people go to for love.

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"Love Me" takes an observational approach, allowing the characters and their stories to unfold naturally. The film's depth of research and exploration of its subject matter is evident in the variety of experiences it presents, from heartwarming successes to heartbreaking failures.

Historical and Factual Context

The mail-order bride industry has grown rapidly with the advent of the internet. The film provides a necessary historical context, helping viewers understand the scope and complexity of the industry.

Key themes in the film

  • Love and Relationships
  • Cultural Differences
  • The Internet and Modern Love
  • Human Vulnerability and Resilience

Film Comparisons

"Love Me" offers a fresh perspective compared to other films on the subject, like "Mail Order Wife" or "Buying the Bride". It focuses less on the industry and more on the personal experiences of those involved.

Noteworthy Moments

The film is filled with pivotal moments, such as when characters meet their potential partners for the first time or when they face the harsh realities of their choices.


"Love Me" has been praised for its honest portrayal of a misunderstood industry. Critics have commented on its ability to humanize a topic often seen as controversial.


"Love Me" is a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of modern love and the lengths people will go to find it.

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  • IMDB score: 6.5
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: N/A
  • Metacritic score: N/A
  • Film festival awards: N/A



  • Jonathon Narducci - Director
  • Various Western men and Ukrainian women - Featured personalities



  • Various locations in Ukraine and the West

Key Questions Raised by the Film:

  • Can true love be found through the mail-order bride industry?
  • What are the realities and myths of this industry?
  • How do cultural differences impact these relationships?

I wonder what the film would be in another art form

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  1. If this film was a famous book, which one would it be? "Pride and Prejudice" - a classic love story that also explores societal pressures.
  2. If this film was a famous song, which one would it be? "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston - a powerful and emotional ballad.
  3. If this film was a famous piece of art, which one would it be? "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt - representing love and intimacy.
  4. If this film was a famous celebrity, who would it be? Angelina Jolie - known for her international relationships and human rights work.
  5. If this film was a color, which one would it be? Red - symbolizing love and passion.
  6. If this film was a music style, which one would it be? Romantic ballad - a genre that captures the highs and lows of love.

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This film follows Western men and Ukrainian women as they embark on an unpredictable and riveting journey in search of love through the modern ‘mail-order bride’ industry. Forget everything you think you know about ‘mail-order brides’ and get ready for an outrageously funny, touching and unforgettab…