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Extreme love: Documentaries on underground love subcultures

This Valentine's Day, explore a selection of quirky documentaries around Love

Living Dolls

52 min • Culture • 2013

Who said dolls are just for little girls? 

Living Dolls is an intimate look at the weird and wonderful subculture of doll collecting.

It features a young mother who spends more money than the family earns to feed her habit;

A Barbie-loving man who never left his home;

An animator who transforms dolls for an epic robot-porn film;

And a married man who believes love dolls give him the best of both sex and art.

Living Dolls is a surprising, humorous and engaging documentary that opens the door to a fascinating array of collectors and their collections.

It taps into why these colourful characters’ lives are ultimately shaped by their obsession. Some are loveable, others you may love to hate…”

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Sugar Sisters

44 min • Friends, Social Issues, Culture, Gender, Canada • 2016

Sugar Sisters is a documentary following Hannah, a queer twenty-something filmmaker, and her two sisters.

They explore the globally popular phenomenon of sugar-dating, where people in their 20s date older, wealthier men in exchange for money and gifts. 

Hannah’s exploration into the lucrative life of a sugar baby challenges her morals and feminist ideals as she tries to maintain her personal relationships whilst satisfying her Sugar Daddies.

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Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Cyberattacks

47 min • Culture, Sexual Politics, Business, Mystery • 2016

In July 2015, Ashley Madison, ‘The Original Extramarital Affairs Site’, was hacked.

Pandemonium ensued when the names, details, and fetishes of its members were revealed to the world.

Families were torn apart, and some people were even driven to suicide.

But the leak also uncovered the true sprawl of the Ashley Madison empire, and the fragile and fraudulent foundations upon which it was built.

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