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Fight for Space: The Past, Present and Future of the US Space Program

'Fight for Space' is an in-depth exploration of the US Space Program's past, present, and future.

Keywords: Space exploration, US Space Program, NASA, astronauts, space science, future of space travel, political challenges, financial constraints, scientific advancements.


'Fight for Space' is a thought-provoking documentary directed by Paul J. Hildebrandt and released in 2016. The film scrutinizes the history, current status, and future prospects of the US Space Program via comprehensive interviews with renowned experts in space travel. The relevance of exploring space and its implications for our future is a discussion that holds immense significance in our modern tech-driven era.


'Fight for Space' delves into the intricacies of space exploration, tracing the journey from the inception of the US Space Program to its current form. The film critically reviews the political, financial, and scientific challenges that have shaped the program and examines its potential future trajectory.

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This documentary adopts an investigative approach, using interviews with industry experts to collect insights and perspectives on the subject. The research is commendable, delving deep into the political, scientific, and financial aspects of space exploration. The presentation style is engaging, balancing factual data with personal anecdotes and expert commentary.

Historical and Factual Context:

'Fight for Space' provides a detailed historical context about the US Space Program, from the Apollo missions to the current Mars exploration initiatives. It also gives a factual account of the challenges associated with space exploration, such as funding constraints, political interferences, and technological limitations.

Key themes in the film:

  • The importance of space exploration for scientific advancement and human curiosity.
  • The challenges faced by space programs due to political and financial constraints.
  • The potential and future of space exploration in shaping our society.

Film Comparisons:

Compared to other space documentaries on iWonder, 'Fight for Space' stands out for its in-depth analysis of the US Space Program's history and future prospects.

Noteworthy Moments:

The interviews with astronauts Jim Lovell and Story Musgrave, who share their personal experiences and insights into space exploration, are particularly enlightening.


Audiences and critics praised the film for its comprehensive and insightful approach to the subject. "A must-watch for space enthusiasts and future astronauts," says a review on The Guardian.


'Fight for Space' is a comprehensive exploration of the US Space Program that offers valuable insights into the past and future of space exploration. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in space science and the potential implications of space exploration on our future.

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In the 1960s and 70s The Space Race inspired a generation to pursue careers in science and technology, then it all stopped. FIGHT FOR SPACE asks why this happened and calls to re-awaken our sense of wonder and discovery.

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IMDB: 6.5 | Rotten Tomatoes: 75% | Metacritic: 62
Awards: Official selection at DOC NYC

Jim Lovell - Legendary NASA astronaut and one of the first humans to orbit the Moon.
Story Musgrave - A retired NASA astronaut who flew on six spaceflights.
Neil deGrasse Tyson - An astrophysicist and science communicator.

Florida, USA: Kennedy Space Center
Texas, USA: Johnson Space Center
USA: Various NASA facilities across the country

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Key Questions Raised by the Film:

Does the current political and financial climate support the advancement of space exploration?

How essential is space exploration for the future of humankind?

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