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Guns in the USA: Child's Play?

Review of the documentary "Guns In The USA: Childs play"

Keywords: US gun laws, children and guns, gun control debate, American culture, firearm safety, right to bear arms, public health crisis, childhood trauma. Three words: Controversial, Eye-opening, Alarming*


"Guns In The USA: Child's Play?" is a thought-provoking documentary released in 2015. The film examines the alarming trend of children being gifted guns in the United States, despite the shocking statistic that nine children are killed by guns every day in the country. The film raises the question of whether the constitutional right to bear arms should apply to children.


The documentary delves deep into the US culture of gun ownership, highlighting the disturbing practice of gifting guns to children. It brings to light the alarming stories of innocent lives lost to accidental shootings, largely caused by the lack of firearm safety and the easy accessibility of guns to children. The film raises serious questions on the implications of the second amendment rights in a society where children are increasingly becoming victims of gun violence.

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"Guns In The USA: Child's Play?" takes an observational approach, presenting real-life stories and interviews with families affected by gun violence. The depth of research into the subject matter is evident in the comprehensive exploration of the societal and legislative aspects of gun ownership in the US. The film's unbiased representation of the issue allows viewers to form their own opinions on this highly controversial topic.

Historical and Factual Context

The right to bear arms, protected by the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, has been a contentious issue in American society. The film provides a historical context to this debate, tracing the origins and evolution of gun culture in America. It also presents the current state of gun laws and their implications on public safety, particularly concerning children.

Key themes in the film

  • The culture of gun ownership in America
  • Impact of gun violence on children
  • Debate over the right to bear arms
  • Consequences of lax gun control laws
  • The role of firearm safety education

Film Comparisons

"Guns In The USA: Child's Play?" can be compared to other documentaries like "Bowling for Columbine" and "Under the Gun," which also explore the issue of gun violence in America. However, this film uniquely focuses on the impact of gun culture on children, offering a fresh perspective on the gun control debate.

Noteworthy Moments

One of the most impactful moments in the documentary is the heartbreaking interview with parents who lost their child to an accidental shooting. Their story brings the harsh reality of child gun deaths into sharp focus.


Though specific review quotes are not available, the film has been appreciated for its candid and balanced portrayal of a controversial subject. It has sparked conversations about the need for stricter gun control laws and more robust firearm safety education.


"Guns In The USA: Child's Play?" is a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding the implications of America's gun culture on children. Its thought-provoking narrative is enlightening for viewers from all walks of life, particularly those passionate about child welfare and public safety.

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  • Genre: Documentary



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  • Various locations across the United States

Key Questions Raised by the Film:

  • Should the right to bear arms apply to children?
  • What impact does the culture of gun ownership have on children?
  • How can firearm safety education be improved?

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