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Incredible youths who are changing the world

Inspiring youths who are determined to make a positive impact on the world.

The Boy Who Started The Syrian War

 #War #Syria 

This is the true story of a courageous 14-year-old boy whose anti-Assad graffiti lit the spark that engulfed Syria.


 #Family #CurrentAffairs 

Renata, Evelyn and Antonio were brought to the US from Mexico by their parents in search of a better life, but their families are now divided as a result of deportation. Determined to reunite with them, these three youths are fighting to be heard amidst America’s immigration reform.

My Millennial Life


Millennials are the most educated generation ever, but over half of college graduates end up unemployed. This film documents 4 twenty-somethings as they fight to find their place in today’s world.