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Indivisible: A Poignant Exploration of Love Beyond Borders

The film is a moving exploration of love, family, and the struggle for reunification in the face of deportation

Keywords: , Immigration, Deportation, Family, Love, Reunification, USA, Border


"Indivisible," directed by Hilary Linder and released in 2017, is a deeply moving documentary that delves into the heart-wrenching struggle of families separated by deportation in America. In a world where borders and immigration policies are a hot topic, this film humanizes the issue, offering a unique perspective on the lives it impacts.


The film follows the stories of three families, who despite being torn apart by deportation, fight relentlessly for reunification. The documentary offers an intimate look at the emotional, psychological, and bureaucratic hurdles they face in their quest for a united family.

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The documentary's approach is observational, offering a raw, unfiltered perspective on the situation. The research is thorough, and the depth of exploration into the subjects' lives is commendable. The presentation style is empathetic and profound, striking a chord with the viewers.

Historical and Factual Context


Understanding the history of US immigration policies, particularly those concerning deportation, can provide valuable context for this documentary. The film's subject matter is deeply intertwined with the socio-political climate surrounding immigration in the United States.

Key themes in the film

  • The power of love and familial bonds
  • The human impact of immigration policies
  • The struggle for rights and justice

Film Comparisons

Unlike other documentaries on iWonder that focus on the political aspects of immigration, "Indivisible" takes a personal, humanistic approach, making it a unique addition to the platform's collection.

Noteworthy Moments

The reunification scenes are particularly impactful, offering a stark contrast to the heartache of separation and underscoring the documentary's central theme of indomitable love.


The documentary has been applauded for its empathetic portrayal of a complex issue, with critics noting its ability to stir powerful emotions and provoke thought.


"Indivisible" offers a heartrending glimpse into a reality many are unaware of, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding the human cost of immigration policies.

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  • Genre: Documentary



  • The families featured in the film: Their stories form the crux of the documentary, offering a human perspective on the issue of deportation.



  • The US-Mexico border: This is where much of the documentary's action unfolds, acting as both a physical and symbolic barrier for the families.

Key Questions Raised by the Film

  • How do immigration policies impact families on a personal level?
  • What is the human cost of deportation?

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I wonder what the film would be in another art form

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
  1. A famous book, it would be "The Distance Between Us" by Reyna Grande - a memoir about immigration and the struggle for a better life.
  2. A famous song, it would be "Imagine" by John Lennon - a song that envisions a world without borders or divisions.
  3. A famous piece of art, it would be "The Two Fridas" by Frida Kahlo - a painting that symbolizes division and longing for unity.
  4. A famous celebrity, it would be George Lopez - a comedian known for his commentary on the Mexican-American experience.
  5. A colour, it would be grey - representing the bleak reality and uncertain future faced by the families.
  6. A music style, it would be folk - a genre known for storytelling and expressing social and political issues.