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Kim Jong-Un, The Man Who rules North Korea: Undercover, autocracy and human rights

Explore the realities of life under Kim Jong Un's regime in this daring documentary that takes you inside the secretive nation of North Korea.

Keywords: North Korea, Kim Jong Un, dictatorship, autocracy, undercover journalism, documentary, political regime, human rights, international relations. Three words: Provocative, revealing, intrepid.


The documentary "Kim Jong Un: The Man Who Rules North Korea" was released in 2017. Directed by Alexis Breton, Claire Vœux, and Ali Watan, this daring film offers a glimpse into the secretive nation of North Korea under the autocratic rule of Kim Jong Un. The filmmakers pose as tourists to capture rarely seen aspects of life in Pyongyang.


The documentary follows the filmmakers as they navigate strict censorship and surveillance to explore life under Kim Jong Un's regime. They interact with locals, tour famous landmarks, and subtly capture the stark realities of living under a dictatorship.

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The film is a daring exploration of a nation that few outsiders are permitted to see. It uses clever subterfuge and observational filmmaking to capture the daily life of ordinary citizens, while also providing a unique perspective on Kim Jong Un's regime.

Historical and Factual Context

North Korea, under the Kim family's rule, has been one of the most secretive and oppressive regimes in the world. Kim Jong Un, the youngest son of Kim Jong Il, took power in 2011 and has maintained a tight grip on the nation.

Key themes in the film

  • Dictatorship and autocracy
  • Human rights abuses
  • Life in North Korea
  • Undercover journalism
  • International politics

Film Comparisons

"Kim Jong Un: The Man Who Rules North Korea" can be compared to other documentaries like "Inside North Korea's Dynasty" and "North Korea: Life Inside the Secret State". However, its undercover approach provides a unique perspective.

Noteworthy Moments

One particularly revealing moment is when the filmmakers capture the stark contrast between the grandiose monuments and the daily struggles of ordinary citizens.


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"Kim Jong Un: The Man Who Rules North Korea" is an important documentary for those interested in understanding the reality of life under a dictatorship. Its undercover approach offers a unique and invaluable perspective on a secretive nation.

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  • Kim Jong Un: The current leader of North Korea.
  • Alexis Breton, Claire Vœux, Ali Watan: The filmmakers who dared to explore North Korea undercover.



  • Pyongyang: The capital city of North Korea.

Key Questions Raised by the Film:

  • What is life really like for ordinary citizens in North Korea?
  • How does Kim Jong Un maintain his grip on power?
  • What are the human rights implications of the North Korean regime?

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