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Miss Amazing: Empowering women with disabilities

"Miss Amazing" is an inspiring documentary that follows 17-year-old Abigail Manery on her journey through the Miss Amazing pageant, and her quest for friendship.

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"Miss Amazing," directed by and released in 2017, is a heartfelt and inspiring documentary that captures the journey of 17-year-old Abigail Manery. The film follows her participation in Miss Amazing, a skills-based pageant for girls with physical or learning disabilities, and her sincere quest to find a best friend.


"Miss Amazing" chronicles the heartwarming journey of Abigail Manery, a young woman with a disability, as she prepares for and participates in the Miss Amazing pageant. More than a beauty contest, Miss Amazing is a platform that empowers girls and women with disabilities to build confidence and self-esteem. The documentary provides a nuanced exploration of friendship, acceptance, and the human spirit.

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The documentary stands out for its sensitive and respectful approach towards its subjects. It delves deep into the lives of the participants, offering insightful glimpses into their dreams, hopes, and struggles. The film's narrative style is straightforward and honest, allowing the participants' stories to shine through.

Historical and Factual Context

Miss Amazing is a nationwide non-profit organization in the United States that provides opportunities for girls and women with disabilities to display their abilities and celebrate their inner beauty. The organization and its pageants play a significant role in challenging societal beauty standards and promoting inclusivity.

Key themes in the film

  • Empowerment of girls and women with disabilities
  • Challenging societal beauty standards
  • The pursuit of friendship and acceptance
  • The celebration of diversity and individuality

Film Comparisons

"Miss Amazing" shares similarities with films like "Miss You Can Do It" and "Queen of Katwe," which also focus on empowering young girls in challenging circumstances. However, "Miss Amazing" uniquely highlights the beauty and strength found in the disability community.

Noteworthy Moments

One of the most poignant moments in the film is when Abigail bravely steps onto the pageant stage, embodying the spirit of Miss Amazing. Her journey towards finding a best friend also provides several touching moments.


While specific reviews for "Miss Amazing" are not available, documentaries that focus on empowering narratives about young girls and women, particularly those with disabilities, are often praised for their inspirational themes and candid storytelling.


"Miss Amazing" is an inspiring documentary that will resonate with viewers who appreciate stories of resilience, friendship, and empowerment. It is particularly relevant for those interested in understanding the experiences of people with disabilities.

More film information:


  • Genre: Documentary



  • Abigail Manery: The central figure of the documentary, a young woman with a disability who participates in the Miss Amazing pageant.



  • United States (specific locations not mentioned)

Key Questions Raised by the Film:

  • How does society define beauty and who gets to decide these standards?
  • What challenges do people with disabilities face when seeking friendship and acceptance?
  • How can opportunities like Miss Amazing help empower girls and women with disabilities?

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