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Nasrin: A Profound Exploration of Human Rights and Defiance in Iran

"Nasrin" is an inspiring documentary that highlights the power of resilience in the fight for human rights in Iran.

Keywords: Nasrin Sotoudeh, human rights, Iran, women's rights, resilience, defiance, Olivia Colman.


"Nasrin," directed by Jeff Kaufman and released in 2020, offers a compelling glimpse into the life and work of Nasrin Sotoudeh, a prominent human rights lawyer in Iran. Sotoudeh's fearless advocacy for women's rights and political prisoners has made her a symbol of resistance in a country known for its repressive regime. Given the ongoing global struggle for human rights, "Nasrin" is a timely and significant documentary.


Narrated by Academy Award-winner Olivia Colman, "Nasrin" is a courageous documentary secretly filmed in Iran by individuals who risked arrest. The film follows Nasrin Sotoudeh's relentless fight for justice and human rights, defying the threats and intimidations from the Iranian regime.

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"Nasrin" adopts an observational documentary approach, offering raw and intimate insights into Sotoudeh's life and work. The documentary excels in its research, presenting a comprehensive exploration of the political and social climate in Iran. Kaufman’s style is both empathetic and daring, capturing Sotoudeh's defiance against an oppressive regime.

Historical and Factual Context:

Understanding the political dynamics of Iran, particularly its human rights record and treatment of political dissenters, is crucial for grasping the full impact of Sotoudeh's work. 

Key themes in the film:

  • The indomitable spirit of human rights activists
  • The struggle for women's rights in repressive societies
  • The power of resilience in the face of governmental oppression

Film Comparisons:

Unlike other documentaries on iWonder that focus on the Middle East," "Nasrin" provides a unique, female-focused perspective on the struggle for human rights in this country.

Noteworthy Moments:

One of the most poignant moments in the film is the revelation of the personal sacrifices Sotoudeh has made in her relentless fight for justice, including being separated from her family and enduring imprisonment.


"Nasrin" received an impressive IMDB score of 8.4. Critics hailed the documentary as a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit, with one reviewer praising it as a "compelling portrait of a courageous woman."


"Nasrin" is an important documentary that shines a light on the struggle for human rights in Iran. It is recommended for anyone interested in human rights, women's rights, and the political landscape of the Middle East.

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Narrated by Academy Award-winner Olivia Colman and secretly filmed in Iran by women and men who risked arrest, this film follows the work and life of renowned human rights lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh.

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IMDB: 8.4
Awards: 1 wins & 1 nomination: Critics Choice Documentary Awards, Cinema for Peace Awards

Nasrin Sotoudeh: a renowned human rights lawyer in Iran
Olivia Colman: Academy Award-winning actress who narrates the documentary

Iran: the primary setting of the documentary

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Key Questions Raised by the Film:

What can individuals outside of Iran do to support human rights activists like Nasrin Sotoudeh?

How can the international community effectively pressure Iran to improve its human rights record?

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"To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee - if it was a famous book, due to its focus on justice and defiance.

"I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor - if it was a famous song, for its message of resilience.

Picasso's "Guernica" - if it was a famous piece of art, which depicts the horrors of oppression.

Malala Yousafzai - if it was a famous celebrity, who also stood up against oppressive regimes for human rights.

Red - if it was a colour, symbolizing courage and defiance.

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