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Punda The Zebra: Survival in the wild

"Punda The Zebra" is a captivating journey through one of the largest migrations in the animal kingdom, highlighting the harsh realities and breathtaking beauty of life in the wild.

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"Punda The Zebra" is a wildlife documentary released in 2017 that follows the journey of a zebra foal named Punda. The film provides a fascinating insight into one of the largest migrations in the animal kingdom.


"Punda The Zebra" follows the journey of a young zebra foal, Punda, as he embarks on a great migration. The film captures the challenges, triumphs, and the sheer will to survive in the vast and often unforgiving African wilderness.

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The documentary effectively combines stunning wildlife cinematography with a narrative that draws viewers into Punda's world. It provides an intimate glimpse into the life of zebras and the challenges they face during migration.

Historical and Factual Context

Zebras in Africa undergo one of the largest migrations in the animal kingdom. This film offers viewers a rare opportunity to witness this spectacle and understand the harsh realities of life in the wild.

Key themes in the film

  • Survival in the wild
  • The cycle of life
  • The beauty and brutality of nature

Film Comparisons

"Punda The Zebra" can be compared to other wildlife documentaries such as "The Great Migration" and "Planet Earth II". Where it stands out is in its focus on the narrative of one individual, Punda, providing an emotional connection to the viewer.

Noteworthy Moments

The film is peppered with significant moments, one of which includes Punda's first encounter with a predator, providing a stark reminder of the dangers of life in the wild.


"Punda The Zebra" was well received by audiences for its engaging narrative and stunning cinematography. One reviewer said, "It's a heartwarming and heartbreaking journey that shows the true spirit of survival in the wild."


"Punda The Zebra" is a must-watch for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Its captivating narrative and stunning visuals make it a memorable exploration of life in the African wilderness.

More film information:


  • Genre: Documentary



  • Punda: The zebra foal whose journey the film follows.



  • African wilderness: The film showcases the vast and diverse landscapes that Punda navigates through his journey.

Key Questions Raised by the Film:

  • What challenges do zebras face during migration?
  • How does Punda's journey reflect the broader realities of life in the wild?

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  1. If this film was a famous book, it would be "Born Free" for its tale of survival in the African wilderness.
  2. If this film was a famous song, it would be "Circle of Life" from The Lion King for its depiction of the cycle of life in the wild.
  3. If this film was a famous piece of art, it would be "The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali for its encapsulation of time and survival.
  4. If this film was a famous celebrity, it would be Sir David Attenborough for his passion and dedication to nature.
  5. If this film was a color, it would be green, symbolizing the vast landscapes of the African wilderness.
  6. If this film was a music style, it would be classical music, for its ability to evoke deep emotions and capture the grandeur of nature.

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