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The Redeemed and The Dominant sports documentary

Dive into the world of competitive fitness with "The Redeemed and the Dominant

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"The Redeemed and the Dominant: The Fittest on Earth" is a riveting sports documentary directed by Heber Cannon, Mariah Moore, and Marston Sawyers, released in 2018. The film follows the journey of elite athletes participating in the CrossFit Games as they push themselves to the limit in a bid to earn the title of "Fittest on Earth."


This documentary provides an intimate and intense look into the grueling four-day competition of the CrossFit Games. Elite athletes from around the globe face demanding tests of fitness, which are designed to challenge even the most hardened competitors. The film captures the drama, perseverance, and sheer physical fortitude required to compete at such a high level, offering viewers a glimpse into the determination and drive required to be the "Fittest on Earth."

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"The Redeemed and the Dominant: The Fittest on Earth" delves deep into the world of competitive fitness, shining a light on the athletes' training regimens, personal struggles, and the mental toughness required to compete. Through a blend of interviews and dramatic competition footage, the filmmakers create an immersive experience that brings viewers up close and personal with the highs and lows of elite sportsmanship.

Historical and Factual Context

The CrossFit Games, first held in 2007, is an annual competition that aims to find the "Fittest on Earth." The athletes face a range of functional movements, including weightlifting, aerobic exercise, and gymnastics, designed to test their agility, endurance, and strength to the extreme.

Key themes in the film

  • The pursuit of excellence and personal best
  • Mental and physical resilience
  • The camaraderie and competitiveness in sports
  • The transformative power of sport

Film Comparisons

Like other sports documentaries such as "Icarus" and "The Last Dance," "The Redeemed and the Dominant: The Fittest on Earth" uses the world of sport as a lens to explore human potential and resilience. However, it stands out in its focus on CrossFit, an often misunderstood and underrepresented discipline in the film industry.

Noteworthy Moments

The film's climax, where athletes push past their limits in the final grueling stages of the competition, is a testament to human endurance and the competitiveness of the sport.


The documentary has resonated with audiences and critics alike, praised for its in-depth look into the world of CrossFit Games and the athletes' arduous journey. As one reviewer noted, "It's a high-stakes, high-drama documentary that will make you rethink your limitations."


"The Redeemed and the Dominant: The Fittest on Earth" is a must-watch for sports enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone interested in discovering the depth of human potential. It's an inspiring exploration of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of excellence.

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  • IMDB score: 7.1/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 80%
  • Metacritic score: N/A
  • Film festival awards: N/A



  • Heber Cannon: Director and renowned sports documentary filmmaker
  • Mariah Moore: Director with a background in sports cinematography
  • Marston Sawyers: Director and experienced sports film producer
  • Mat Fraser: Five-time CrossFit Games champion featured in the film
  • Tia-Clair Toomey: Three-time CrossFit Games champion featured in the film



  • Madison, Wisconsin: The location of the CrossFit Games

Key Questions Raised by the Film:

  • What does it take to become the "Fittest on Earth"?
  • How does competitive sport shape an individual's character?
  • What role does mental resilience play in physical fitness?
  • How does the culture and community of CrossFit influence its athletes?

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In 2017 the fittest athletes on Earth took on the unknown and unknowable during four of the most intense days of competition in CrossFit Games history.