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Top 3 acclaimed films celebrating inspiring friendships

Films that spotlight some of the most inspiring friendships.

Fish Out Of Water

#Sport #Adventure

Two burnt out friends and businessmen with no experience at sea attempt to rekindle their inner fire with one life-changing voyage – rowing 3,000 miles across the ocean from New York to London on a tiny wooden boat.

Game Girls

#SocialIssues #Gender

This award-winning film follows two best friends as they navigate through the chaotic world of Los Angeles’ Skid Row, aka the “homeless capital of the U.S.”. While Tiahna is comfortable in the dangerous underground economy, Teri is driven by a powerful desire to get out. Can their love and friendship survive the violence and turmoil?

Meal Tickets

#Music #Roadtrip

A band of best friends, a roadie who wanted to be a rockstar, an award-winning documentary ten years in the making.