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Dresscode: Beards - The Intersection of Fashion and Business

Beards have been making a comeback in recent years, becoming quite the trend in hipster circles. But can this bold statement of masculinity have a place in the business world?

Today, we take a look at a short film that addresses this issue, exploring the different styles and sharing some expert advice from a master barber.

Dresscode: Beards

Featuring: Gerhard Elfers, Marc (the barber)

Keywords: Symbol of masculinity, businessworld, beards

In this entertaining and informative short film, Gerhard Elfers discusses the role of beards in the world of business and fashion. He points out that, despite the hipster movement making beards more popular than ever, they are not just a trend but have existed as a symbol of masculinity for centuries. Beards have practical uses too, such as hiding scars or facial features that one might feel self-conscious about.

Watch the film here:

However, the main question of the film is whether beards are acceptable in the business world. Elfers's conclusion? A resounding "yes," but with some caveats. There are only two styles deemed appropriate for professionals: the classic full beard and the goatee. All other variations are a no-go, and some are even considered barbaric.

To ensure that your beard is business-appropriate, Marc, the master barber featured in the film, advises keeping it neat and tidy. This means having it trimmed regularly by a professional and maintaining clean-shaven throat and lip areas. Elfers provides some humorous examples of beard styles that are definitely not suitable for the corporate environment, such as the walrus mustache and poorly shaved facial hair.

In summary, the short film Dresscode: Beards tells us that beards can indeed have a place in the business world, but only if they are well-maintained and styled appropriately. The film entertains while providing valuable advice for the bearded (or soon-to-be-bearded) among us.

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