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Los Angeles: Capital Of The Sex Trade In Minors

Uncover the grim reality of underage sex trafficking in Los Angeles through this chilling documentary.

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"Los Angeles: Capital Of The Sex Trade In Minors" is an impactful documentary from 2019 that shines a light on the hidden underbelly of one of America's most glamorous cities. It follows a specialized brigade in Los Angeles tasked with dismantling pimping networks, trapping sex offenders, and organizing rescue operations for underage prostitutes.


Los Angeles, known for its glamour and fame, is also the hub for a dark and sinister trade - the sex trafficking of minors. The documentary delves deep into this world, following a specialized brigade as they combat pimps and organize rescue operations for the underage victims forced into prostitution.

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The documentary takes an unflinching look at the terrifying reality of sex trafficking in minors. With a nuanced approach, it explores not only the horrifying circumstances of the victims but also the efforts made by law enforcement to combat this issue. The depth of research and the exploration of this subject are commendable, allowing viewers to understand the gravity of the situation.

Historical and Factual Context

Sex trafficking, especially involving minors, is a global issue, and Los Angeles has unfortunately become a hub for this trade. This documentary provides much-needed context and background information, shedding light on the extent and complexity of the problem.

Key themes in the film

  • The dark side of Los Angeles
  • The plight of underage sex trafficking victims
  • The efforts of law enforcement to combat this issue

Film Comparisons

While the documentary shares similarities with other investigative features on human trafficking, its focus on Los Angeles and the inclusion of law enforcement perspectives sets it apart.

Noteworthy Moments

The documentary is filled with significant moments, particularly the rescue operations and the confrontations with the pimps and sex offenders.


The documentary leaves a lasting impact on its viewers, who commend it for its eye-opening and chilling depiction of a grim reality. As of now, specific review quotes are not available.


"Los Angeles: Capital Of The Sex Trade In Minors" is an important documentary that highlights a disturbing issue. It is recommended for anyone interested in social issues, law enforcement, and the darker aspects of urban life.

More film information:


  • Genre: Documentary



  • Specialized Brigade: The team of law enforcement officers in Los Angeles working to combat the issue of sex trafficking in minors.



  • Los Angeles: The city where the documentary is primarily set and where the issue of sex trafficking in minors is rampant.

Key Questions Raised by the Film:

  • How prevalent is the issue of sex trafficking in minors in Los Angeles?
  • What are the efforts being made by law enforcement to combat this issue?
  • What can be done to further aid in the fight against sex trafficking?

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