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The Intriguing Battle

When Shark Meets Croc is a captivating insight into the thrilling world of two of Africa's most formidable predators - the Bull shark and the Nile crocodile.

Keywords: Bull shark, Nile crocodile, Africa, Marine research, Predators, Inter-species conflict. Three words: 'Intriguing', 'Fierce', 'Documentary'.


The documentary titled "When Shark Meets Croc" is an intense exploration of the encounters between two of Africa's deadliest predators - the Bull shark and the Nile crocodile. Directed by Ryan Johnson and Tess Hempson, this riveting documentary was released in 2013, shedding light on the aggressive behaviors of these oceanic and terrestrial predators, and the clashes that occur when their territories overlap.


The Bull shark, one of the most aggressive ocean predators, is known to leave the deep blue ocean and venture far up the murky rivers of Africa's coast in search of prey. However, these shadowy rivers are also home to Africa's deadliest killer - the Nile crocodile. There have been numerous reports of confrontations between these two formidable predators. Marine researchers Ryan Johnson and Tess Hempson decide to investigate these encounters to uncover the truth behind these inter-species conflicts.

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The documentary, "When Shark Meets Croc," uses a combination of firsthand footage, expert interviews, and scientific research to bring audiences face-to-face with these powerful predators. The filmmakers' in-depth exploration of the behaviours and interactions of the Bull shark and Nile crocodile offers viewers a unique insight into the world of these deadly beasts.

Historical and Factual Context

Both the Bull shark and Nile crocodile are apex predators in their respective environments. Bull sharks are one of the few shark species that can tolerate freshwater and are known to travel upriver, often bringing them into conflict with Nile crocodiles, which are the largest African crocodilian and the second-largest crocodile species in the world.

Key themes in the film

  • Predatory behaviours of marine and terrestrial animals
  • Inter-species conflict
  • The importance of scientific research in understanding animal behaviour

Film Comparisons

"When Shark Meets Croc" can be compared to documentaries such as "Planet Earth" and "Blue Planet," for its in-depth exploration of wildlife and their natural habitats. However, it stands out for its focus on the confrontation between two apex predators.

Noteworthy Moments

One of the most significant moments in the documentary is when researchers capture footage of an actual confrontation between a Bull shark and a Nile crocodile, providing unprecedented insight into these rarely seen encounters.


This documentary was well-received by viewers for its unique subject matter and in-depth exploration of the behaviour of two of Africa's deadliest predators. Critics praised it for its gripping narrative and stunning visuals.


"When Shark Meets Croc" is a must-watch for nature and wildlife enthusiasts, as well as those interested in animal behaviour and marine research. It provides a captivating insight into the thrilling world of two of Africa's most formidable predators.

More film information:


  • Genre: Documentary


  • Ryan Johnson: Marine Biologist and one of the directors of the film
  • Tess Hempson: Marine Biologist and co-director of the film


  • Africa's coastal rivers

Key Questions Raised by the Film:

  • What are the behaviors of Bull sharks and Nile crocodiles when they encounter each other?
  • What are the outcomes of these confrontations?
  • How does the overlapping territory influence the behaviors of these predators?

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