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Be part of iwonder’s first original series “Coronavirus & Me”

iwonder's first original production about Coronavirus in Australia

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Every person in Australia has been touched by the frightening speed and severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. Case numbers continue to rise at an alarming rate, lockdowns become increasingly severe, and people continue to feel the effects on everyday life—from supermarket shortages to event cancellations and unfamiliar working conditions—with no hint of when it might all be over.

Our feeds and news streams are overflowing with Coronavirus-related updates as we turn to official media outlets, social networking websites, and government advisories for information and support, but what about the ordinary people dealing with the upheaval in similar and different ways all across the country and overseas? How are you coping under the strain of the pandemic? Whether you’re an Australian living at home or abroad, we want to hear from you.

We invite you to be a part of our new, user-generated iwonder series “Coronavirus & Me”, a weekly documentary series that seeks to capture everyday Australians’ experiences living through this unprecedented moment in history, as we seek to chart how our society is evolving and adapting to this crisis, and tracking our eventual shared path to recovery for future generations to reflect and learn from.

Video submissions should be a maximum of 10 minutes in length, can be shot on any kind of camera but must be in 16 x 9 landscape format (if it’s on a phone, holding it sideways, not upright) and can be silent or have people speaking, but must include no music. For full details and terms & conditions check out the Terms & Conditions on our website.

The contributor of any video, or part thereof, selected for inclusion in the series will be informed and mentioned in the episode’s credits, and a donation to the Australian Red Cross will be made in their name to help further the charity’s invaluable efforts in supporting communities through the COVID-19 crisis.

Submissions can be made via and will be accepted on a rolling basis, with the deadline for the first episode set as Monday April 6th, to be released on later in April.

For further information, or to contact the iwonder team, visit the iwonder Facebook page.