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Quarantine periods, cancelled flights, empty airports, and deserted tourist spots may be all over the news today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore the globe. Expand your horizons and visit cities and cultures all over the world, all from the comfort of your own home with iwonder.

Browse the iwonder website to discover stories from various parts of the world, or get started with these documentary films.

All the Wild Horses

90 min • Adventure, Culture, Nature, Asia, Sport • 2018

All the Wild Horses follows endurance horse riders from the United States, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands as they come together to compete in the Mongol Derby, which one rider refers to as “the pinnacle and defining point of endurance riding”. Riders battle extreme weather conditions, swollen rivers, and wild dogs, as they navigate through the vast Mongolian wilderness, risking being bucked off their horse at any wrong turn.

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52 min • Culture, Environment, Social issues, India • 2018

Visit Auroville, an experimental city in India a few kilometres south of Pondichéry, which was established to create a haven where people from various backgrounds can live in a cashless collective peacefully, above all creeds, nationalities, and politics. Watch Auroville: On the Path to Utopia for a firsthand look at the lives of inhabitants in this special town, in an experiment where “everyone is both researcher and guinea pig”.

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National Gallery

174 min • Culture, UK, Award winners, Arts • 2014

If you’re a fan of art and history, you can instantly transport yourself to one of the great museums of the world, the National Gallery in London, in Frederick Wiseman’s illuminating documentary of the same name. Viewers join patrons as they are introduced to art in the museum on guided tours, watch art history lectures, observe how art is being restored behind-the-scenes, and more.

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