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Crafting Elegance: A Look into Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

Step into the world of renowned designer Manolo Blahnik, where artistry and individuality reign supreme.

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Directed by Michael Roberts and released in 2017, "Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards" is an intimate glimpse into the life and genius of Manolo Blahnik, the esteemed shoe designer. This documentary is a captivating exploration of the man often dubbed 'the greatest shoemaker of the 20th and 21st centuries.' As the fashion industry continues to evolve, Blahnik's commitment to craftsmanship and elegance remains a timeless testament to design's power.


"Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards" delves into the journey of Manolo Blahnik, from his childhood fascination with crafting shoes for lizards to becoming a world-renowned designer. The documentary uncovers Blahnik's inspirations, design process, as well as the challenges and triumphs he encountered in his illustrious career.

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The documentary employs an observational approach, allowing viewers to witness Blahnik's creative process firsthand. The research is thorough, providing a comprehensive look into Blahnik's life and career, while the presentation is stylish yet intimate, reflecting the designer's own aesthetic.

Historical and Factual Context


Manolo Blahnik was born in 1942 in Santa Cruz de La Palma in the Canary Islands. He moved to Paris in 1965, where he studied art and design. His shoe designs caught the attention of US Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, propelling his career.

Key themes in the film

  • The power and beauty of craftsmanship
  • The importance of individuality in design
  • The impact of fashion on culture

Film Comparisons

Unlike other fashion documentaries on iWonder, "Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards" focuses on the artisanal aspect of fashion, rather than the industry's commercial side.

Noteworthy Moments

One of the documentary's most memorable moments is Blahnik drawing his shoe designs, a testament to his artistic talent and passion for his craft.


Although not much information about awards or festival screenings is available, the film has generally been well received, holding a score of 6.4 on IMDb.


"Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards" is a must-watch for anyone interested in fashion, design, or creativity. It offers a unique insight into the life and work of an industry icon, emphasizing the importance of artistry and individuality in fashion.

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  • IMDb Score: 6.4
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score: N/A
  • Metacritic Score: N/A
  • Film Festival Awards: N/A



  • Manolo Blahnik: Renowned shoe designer, known for his artistic and individualistic designs



  • Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canary Islands: Blahnik's birthplace
  • Paris, France: Where Blahnik studied art and design and began his career in shoe design

Key Questions Raised by the Film

  • How does individuality influence design?
  • What is the role of craftsmanship in modern fashion?

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