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Dive into the Artistic Journey of William Friedkin with Friedkin Uncut

Discover the life and artistic journey of William Friedkin, the visionary director behind "The French Connection" and "The Exorcist", in Francesco Zippel's "Friedkin Uncut."

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"Friedkin Uncut", directed by Francesco Zippel and released in 2018, provides an in-depth view into the life and career of the legendary director, William Friedkin. Known for cult classics like "The French Connection" and "The Exorcist", Friedkin's remarkable journey in the world of cinema holds relevance in today's film industry, as his unconventional style continues to inspire filmmakers globally.


"Friedkin Uncut" offers an intimate look at the life and career of William Friedkin, a director known for his distinct and bold approach to filmmaking. The documentary explores Friedkin's early beginnings, his rise to fame, and his exceptional body of work, without giving away all his secrets.

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The documentary adopts a participatory approach, featuring interviews with Friedkin himself and other significant figures in his life. The film showcases a well-researched and deep exploration of Friedkin's career while maintaining an engaging presentation style.

Historical and Factual Context


William Friedkin is a celebrated figure in the New Hollywood era, a period marked by innovative, auteur-driven filmmaking in the 1970s. His unique directorial style and approach to storytelling significantly influenced the film industry.

Key themes in the film

  • The importance of artistic freedom and vision in filmmaking
  • The enduring influence of unconventional cinema
  • The journey of a creative individual in a competitive industry

Film Comparisons

Unlike other documentaries on filmmakers, "Friedkin Uncut" stands out for its focus on the subject's artistic journey rather than the commercial aspects of his career.

Noteworthy Moments

Interviews with high-profile figures in the film industry, including Quentin Tarantino and Francis Ford Coppola, provide enlightening insights into Friedkin's influence on their work.


"Friedkin Uncut" was well-received by critics, with one reviewer praising it as "a comprehensive tribute to an exceptional filmmaker."


"Friedkin Uncut" is a must-watch for anyone interested in cinema history, filmmaking, or the artistry behind some of the most iconic films of the 20th century.

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  • IMDB score: 7.1
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 86%
  • Metacritic score: 70
  • Film festival awards: 1 win & 3 nominations



  • William Friedkin: Iconic director known for his unconventional filmmaking
  • Francesco Zippel: Documentary director offering an intimate look into Friedkin's life



  • Hollywood: The backdrop of Friedkin's influential career

Key Questions Raised by the Film

  • How does William Friedkin's unconventional style influence modern cinema?
  • What is the significance of artistic freedom in filmmaking?
  • How does "Friedkin Uncut" contribute to understanding the New Hollywood era?

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