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Facing Fears with the Family: An Exploration of the Documentary "Spookers"

Dive into the world of the most successful scare park in the Southern Hemisphere with "Spookers", a captivating documentary exploring the role of fear in human behaviour.

Keywords: Spookers, Fear, Scare Park, Family Dynamics, Entertainment Industry.


"Spookers," a captivating documentary directed by Florian Habicht and released in 2017, invites viewers into the world of the most successful scare park in the Southern Hemisphere. The film paints a vivid picture of a New Zealand family who have turned fear into a thriving business, providing valuable insights into human psychology, family dynamics, and entertainment industry.


"Spookers" follows the unique journey of a close-knit family in New Zealand who run a highly successful scare park. Through their endeavours, they not only entertain visitors but also strive to confront their fears. The family's extraordinary commitment to their business provides a backdrop for exploring broader human fears and how we deal with them.

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Habicht adopts a participatory approach, immersing himself (and the viewer) into the family's daily life and operations of the park. The film's in-depth exploration of the subject matter is commendable, presenting a balanced blend of entertainment and psychological insight. The director's robust research and engaging presentation style further enhance the viewing experience.

Historical and Factual Context:

The concept of scare parks and haunted houses has a long history, originating from ancient folklore and mythology. Successful scare parks like "Spookers" tap into these primal human fears, transforming them into thrilling entertainment.

Key themes in the film:

Exploration of fear: The documentary makes a profound statement about confronting our deepest fears.

Family dynamics: The film provides a unique perspective on family relationships and teamwork.

Entertainment industry: The documentary reveals the behind-the-scenes of a unique niche in the entertainment industry.

Film Comparisons:

Unlike conventional horror films on iWonder, "Spookers" provides a unique behind-the-scenes perspective, focusing on the creators more than the creation itself.

Noteworthy Moments:

The documentary is filled with enlightening moments, particularly when family members share their personal experiences and perspectives on fear. Their candidness offers a profound understanding of fear and its role in human behaviour.


"Spookers" received mixed reviews from audiences and critics alike, with many praising its unique concept and thought-provoking exploration of fear.


"Spookers" is a must-watch for those interested in psychology, family dynamics, or the entertainment industry. The documentary’s unique approach to exploring human fears through a family-run scare park makes it a fascinating watch.

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As night falls at Spookers, dozens of seemingly ordinary people become freaks, zombies and chainsaw-wielding clowns. Every weekend come rain, hail or shine, this diverse group of amateur performers unite to terrify punters at the southern hemisphere’s largest scream park, based in a former psychiatr…

More film information:

Awards: 1 win & 1 nomination: NZ Cinematographers society, Golden Trailer awards

Florian Habicht: the director

New Zealand: The documentary is set in its beautiful landscapes
The Scare Park: The main setting of the film, it offers a unique backdrop for exploring fear.

Key Questions Raised by the Film:

How does fear play a role in entertainment?

How does running a business like a scare park affect family dynamics?

I wonder what the film would be in another art form:

"The Haunting of Hill House" - if it was a famous book, both explore fear in a unique setting.

"Fear of the Dark" by Iron Maiden – if it was a famous song, as it encapsulates the theme of fear.

Edvard Munch's "The Scream" – if it was a famous piece of art, it represents human fear and anxiety.

Stephen King – if it was a famous celebrity, known for his mastery in creating fear.

Black – if it was a colour, often associated with fear and the unknown.

Gothic rock – if it was a music style, as it embodies the eerie, dark atmosphere of the scare park.