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Unraveling Australian Cinema with David Stratton: A Cinematic Life

Dive deep into the history of Australian cinema with revered film critic David Stratton.

Keywords: David Stratton, Australian Cinema, Film History, Film Critic, Cultural Expression. Three words: Insightful, Historic, Personal


"David Stratton: A Cinematic Life," directed by Sally Aitken and released in 2017, is a fascinating exploration of Australian cinema through the eyes of esteemed film critic, David Stratton. In an era when cinema is a powerful tool for storytelling and cultural expression, understanding its evolution in different parts of the world such as Australia is critical.


The documentary offers a captivating journey into the history of Australian cinema, guided by Stratton. As he shares personal anecdotes, insights, and his love for movies, viewers are introduced to the influential figures of Australian cinema and its significant evolution over the years.

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The film adopts a participatory approach, with Stratton leading the narrative. The depth of research is commendable, presenting a thorough exploration of the subject. The presentation style is engaging, with Stratton's passion for cinema evident throughout.

Historical and Factual Context


The documentary contextualizes the evolution of Australian cinema within broader historical and cultural developments, such as changing societal norms and the influence of global cinema trends.

Key themes in the film

  • The Power of Cinema: The documentary explores cinema as a medium of storytelling and cultural expression.
  • Evolution of Australian Cinema: It traces the growth and development of Australian cinema, highlighting its unique characteristics.
  • Influence of Critics: The film underscores the role of critics like Stratton in shaping cinema.

Film Comparisons

Unlike other film documentaries on iWonder, "David Stratton: A Cinematic Life" uniquely intertwines personal anecdotes with cinema history, offering a singular perspective on Australian cinema.

Noteworthy Moments

Stratton's personal reflections on specific films and his interactions with iconic filmmakers add depth and personal touch to the narrative.


The documentary has been well-received, with an IMDB score of 7.7, reflecting viewers' appreciation for its insightful exploration of Australian cinema.


"David Stratton: A Cinematic Life" enriches our understanding of Australian cinema and its role in cultural expression. It's a must-watch for film enthusiasts, critics, and anyone interested in the evolution of cinema.

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  • IMDB Score: 7.7
  • Awards: 3 nominations



  • David Stratton: Renowned film critic and the documentary's protagonist.
  • Sally Aitken: The director of the documentary, known for her compelling storytelling.



  • Australia: The documentary focuses on Australian cinema.
  • Various film locations within Australia, highlighting the country's cinematic landscape.

Key Questions Raised by the Film

  1. How has Australian cinema evolved over time?
  2. What role do critics like David Stratton play in shaping cinema?

I wonder what the film would be in another art form

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
  1. A famous book, it would be "The Story of Film" by Mark Cousins for its comprehensive look at cinema history.
  2. A famous song, it would be "The Show Must Go On" by Queen, reflecting Stratton's unwavering passion for cinema.
  3. A piece of art, it would be Van Gogh's "Starry Night," reflecting the cinematic universe that Stratton helps us explore.
  4. A famous celebrity, it would be Roger Ebert, another iconic film critic.
  5. A colour, it would be silver, symbolic of the silver screen.
  6. A music style, it would be classical, reflecting the timeless nature of cinema.